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Viktoria Aleksandrovna Komova is a Russian gymnast. She received a Viktoria Komova 2012 World Championships all-around silver medal. Viktoria was born on January 30, 1995 in Voronezh, Russia. She was the daughter of Alexander Komova and Vera Kolesnikova. Both of her parents were also gymnasts, as her mother is an all-around champion during the 1986 goodwill games, while her father was also a gymnast.

Basic Information

Viktoria is a petite girl, standing at 4 feet 11 inches, or 1.50 m. She weighs 34.5 kilograms, or 76 lbs. With her skills, she is labeled as senior international elite in the world of gymnastics. She became very popular when she won various Viktoria Komova 2010 events, such as the vault champion, uneven bars champion, Viktoria Komova floor exercise bronze medalist, and the all-around champion. During the 2011 Championship, she also won the uneven bars events and the all-around silver medalist.

Viktoria started being a gymnast when she was four years old. This is primarily due to the influence of her parents who were both gymnasts. According to one interview, she was quoted saying that her mother serves as her coach during her first three years as a gymnast, most especially when she began artistic gymnastics. When she turned seven, her coach was Gennady Yelfimov.

Viktoria Komova – Junior Career

By April 2010, Viktoria competed in Birmingham, UK, for the European Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships. In August of the same year, she also competed during the Youth Olympics Games which was held in Singapore. In an interview, she was quoted as saying that she felt the responsibility being placed in her shoulders, and so she was pressured being the only Russian gymnast who competed for the said event. In November, Viktoria also took part at the Freddy Cup Italian Grand Prix in Sardinia. In the uneven bars competition, she placed first and second on the balance beam event. And in December, there was a Viktoria Komova injury because she sprained her ankle while she was walking around the gym. It was not a training related injury, and she started rehabilitation right away.

However, she was again injured in her ankle at the Russian Championships. That injury led to an arthroscopic surgery during the month of May in order to tighten the ligaments in her ankle that have become loose. Her coach explained that the doctors provided them different opinions, with some doctors recommending operation; while others are insisting that no operation should be done. In the end, she had a surgery. Two months later, she resumed training. There were more competitions throughout the year where she received a lot of awards.

The year 2013 was marked with a break from the competition scene. She suffered from a back injury and had to take a rest. While she had a lot of plans competing at more events during the said year, she was diagnosed with Meningitis-Infection and was not able to compete during the World Championships. Even though, there were plans for competition at the end of the year, she had to back out due to lack of preparation. 

NEW: Vika wins the Russian Cup 2014
UB EF Gold medal

Beitrag von Viktoria Komova.

In 2014, she finally made her comeback in April, when she joined the Russian Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Penza. In the end, she placed 46th overall in the senior category, contributing a total score of 40, 767. However, during that competition, she did not compete on any floor event. She had to undergo another surgery in Germany on her right ankle and had to be replaced by another gymnast. As of September 19th of the year, it was decided that she needs to be taken out of the world competition due to her ankle injury.

Up to this point, despite the injuries that she has suffered, she is still one of the most promising gymnasts to ever conquer the world of gymnastics. She was once quoted as saying that gymnastics is her life, and she could never imagine herself without it. Let’s see what her journey will bring to her.


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Beitrag von Viktoria Komova.

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Viktorias Komova 2012 in Perfection (BBC)


More Pictures of Viktoria Komova:

Viktoria Komova

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